This treatment is used in cases of clouding of the lens capsule into the eye (secondary cataract) that occurs after the operation to remove the cataract. In a cataract operation, the cloudy lens is removed from the capsule and IOL is implanted in its place, it is worth clarifying that there is no relationship between secondary cataract and the success or failure of the cataract removal operation, but rather it occurs gradually in 10-30% of patients after cataract operation. This clouding forms an obstacle to the passage of light to the retina, which is located at the back of the eye, which...Read more
It is a device used to determine the strength of the lens inside the eye before a cataract removal operation by measuring the anatomical features using a non-contact technique, which measures the focal length through an optical system called SWEPT Source Biometry that provides 2000 images per second with high efficiency to provide the best results in Refractive surgery. Axial length is defined as the distance from the top of the cornea to the fovea of ​​the retina along the optical axis, where the focal length is a variable necessary to calculate the power of the lens that will be implanted...Read more